Charism Adoration-Liberation

Charism: Adoration – Liberation

Our Holy Foundress, St Maria Micaela, urged by the Holy Spirit responds to an urgent need of her time: to liberate women/girls victims of prostitution. (Const. 1).

From our lived Eucharistic experience germinates and grows our mission in the Church: Adoration – Liberation.

Today, we want to respond with fidelity and commitment to the Charism received: Become Eucharist: “bread that is broken and shared and wine that tastes presence””, having the following objectives:

  • To ADORE Jesus in the Eucharist at all times, in spirit and in truth (Cf. Const. 2 & 10). It is from our moments before the Blessed Sacrament that we, Sisters Adorers, draw strength for all our apostolic activities.
  • To LIBERATE and promote women exploited by social evils or who have been made victims of other enslaving situations, “treating them with benevolence and real charity” (Const. 2)
  • To PROTECT young girls whose moral and social life is in danger.
  • To EMPOWER women to establish their identity and status in the family and society.

  • 1809: January 1

    Micaela Desmaisieres y Lopez de Dicastillo is born, at La Libertad Street in Madrid

  • 1809: January 4

    She is baptised in the parish church of St Joseph. She is given the names of Maria Soledad, Micaela, Aquilina, Antonia and Bibiana

  • 1830:

    In Guadalajara, she has a small school for 12 poor girls

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