History of the Congregation

History of the Congregation

Sisters Adorers, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity is an international religious Congregation, founded in Spain in 1856, by St Maria Micaela Desmaisières y Lopez de Dicastillo, a Madrid-born Noble Lady, with the purpose of liberating and rehabilitating the unfortunate victims of prostitution and protecting those exposed to this social evil.

It was approved by Pope Pius IX on September 15, 1860 as a Religious Institute of Pontifical Rights.

The first Adorers are part of this story, a story that has been built before us and it has been transmitted generation after generation. The Spirit of the Lord, who inspired and supported Micaela to give birth to the Congregation, enables us to continue sailing against all odds even today.

Over the past 158 years, we have walked along with the Lord, building a salvation history, a difficult task that is often hard-hitting and demanding but the rhythm of adoration-liberation still continues.

Today the Congregation works for rehabilitating the social victims of prostitution, abuse of drug, for those imprisoned on account of trafficking of drugs or trafficked for sexual trade, in 23 countries spread across 4 Continents.

Days to remember

  • 1844: February 6

    For the first time Micaela visits the Hospital of St John of God. From her repeated visits there, the inspiration for her Work is born

  • 1845: April 21

    The House of Our Lady of the Forsaken is inaugurated, in Madrid, at no.8, Dos Amigos Street

  • 1847: May

    Mystical favour of the Holy Spirit on the feast of Pentecost, in Paris

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