Mission shared with Laity

Mission Shared With The Laity

A reading of the signs of the time since Second Vatican council shows unmistakably that the Church of the next millennium will be called the “Church of the Laity”.

Participation of laity in the onset of the Congregation of Sisters Adorers:

Micaela did not like to work alone. She learnt from life. She went on forming associations, little by little, in collaboration with others, until she consolidated the work.

In 1845, she began the Centre of Our Lady of Forsaken at No.8, Dos Amigos Street with the collaboration of a Committee formed by seven noble Ladies, in honor of the seven sorrows of Our Lady. When they abandoned the work, she run the Centre with the help of some former inmates, before entrusting it to some religious sisters; however, this attempt also resulted in failure.

At this juncture Micaela herself took over the Centre, abandoned her home and comforts in order to live with the girls sheltered there. And she began with the laity. She appointed teachers whom she began to form; they were taught not only sewing, cooking…. but she imparted them a culture, according to the Micaelian pedagogy, a Pedagogy of Love.

Laity in the Charism of Adorers Today:

The lay persons, on sharing the charism of Sisters Adorers, feel the urgency of translating it in deeds and in tangible realities, not only their relationship within the community but in their own daily life, in such a way that their commitment may be experiential and concrete.

The XXIX General Chapter Document
The XXIX General Chapter Document: “Adorer, Mystic and Prophet in the XXI Century”, stresses on the importance of sharing our mission with the laity, being convinced that the Adorers Charism is a gift that the Spirit has given us in order to share with others to strengthen the mission.
Lay collaboration is not a matter of “they” working “with Adorers” or even “Adorers with them”, but of laity and Adorers sharing a common enterprise working in equal partnership with a mutual exchange of respect, trust, communication, accountability and transparency. Lay collaboration is ¨WE¨ sharing the Charism of Adoration – Liberation

Laity of the XXI century,

Do you not feel the call to work in partnership with the Adorers, so as to continue opening new paths of liberation of young women/girls victims of prostitution and other social evils?