• Enable young women/girls, the beneficiaries of our MISSION, to achieve personal and social re-integration, discover new values and open themselves to the Good News of the Kingdom.
  • Live committed, with audacity and creativity, seeking appropriate responses to the existing forms of oppression and new ones that we may discover in society.


  • LIBERATION, PERSONAL INTEGRATION, PROMOTION and SOCIAL RE-INTEGRATION of young women/girls exploited by prostitution or victims of various forms of enslaving situations.
  • KNOWLEDGE of the social problems that affect them and critical analysis of this reality.
  • DENOUNCE with audacity and courage the injustices against human rights and UPHOLD those that give life
  • Contribute to social change through awareness-raising and report structures that do not respect human rights.
  • Get to know and analyze the social reality of women in their situation of social exclusion through the continual study of the phenomenon of prostitution and trafficking in women.
Vision and Mission