Days to Remember

Days to remember

  • 1809: January 1

    Micaela Desmaisieres y Lopez de Dicastillo is born, at La Libertad Street in Madrid

  • 1809: January 4

    She is baptised in the parish church of St Joseph. She is given the names of Maria Soledad, Micaela, Aquilina, Antonia and Bibiana

  • 1830:

    In Guadalajara, she has a small school for 12 poor girls

  • 1844: February 6

    For the first time Micaela visits the Hospital of St John of God. From her repeated visits there, the inspiration for her Work is born

  • 1845: April 21

    The House of Our Lady of the Forsaken is inaugurated, in Madrid, at no.8, Dos Amigos Street

  • 1847: May

    Mystical favour of the Holy Spirit on the feast of Pentecost, in Paris

  • 1850: October 12

    She leaves her home for good, to live in the Centre, at no.74, Atocha Street.

  • 1851: January

    Micaela wears the emblem of the monstrance and a medal of Our Lady as insignia January 1851

  • 1856: First semester

    Foundation of the Congregation of Sisters Adorers Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity

  • 1857: January 1

    The first Sisters Adorers make their religious profession

  • 1859: September 8

    Perpetual (Night) Adoration is established in the Congregation

  • 1860: June 15

    Perpetual profession of Mother Sacramento, in Madrid

  • 1865: August 24

    Mcaela foretells that she will die before midnight and she dies seven minutes before the midnight.

  • 1866: November 24

    Final approval of the Constitutions of the Congregations of Sisters Adorers

  • 1902: August 19

    Signing of the Decree of introduction of the Cause of her Beatification, by Pope Leo XIII

  • 1925: June 7

    Beatification, in Rome, by Pope Pius the XI

  • 1934: March 4

    Canonization of Bl. Maria Micaela, by Pope Pius XI

  • 1934: October 27

    Beatification of 23 Adorer’s Martyrs

  • 1947: November 14,

    Arrival of Sisters Adorers in India

  • 1948: October 1

    Opening of the first House in India – Puri, Orissa

  • 1948: October 2

    First Eucharistic Celebration and Night adoration in our Chapel, together with Fr Guemez, CM

  • 1956: April 14

    Entry of the first Indian vocations

    first Indian vocations
    Srs Alice Chandy,  Elizabeth Rathappilly  and Teresa John.

  • 1994: September 28

    Farewell to Sr Constanza Redondo to her heavenly abode, after 34 years of dedicated service to God in the Indian soil

  • 1999:

    Restructuring of the Works and Communities in the Congregation

  • 2000: January

    Bifurcation of the Indian Province into Provinces of Kolkata and Mumbai

  • 2003: August 25

    Established first Contact Centre: Navajyoti Dan at Kalighat

  • 2014: January 18

    Establishing Adorers Mission in Nepal

    Establishing Adorers Mission in Nepal